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tutorial 04 - 100% translatable

1st Duplicate your base twice and set both to Screen 100% You may want to duplicate and screen one more time when we get done, so don't merge down (:

2nd New layer. #5669D6 Soft Light 50%

3rd New layer. #E5CDB7 Color Burn/Burn 100%

4th New layer. #000521 Exclusion 70%

5th New layer. #000521 Luminosity 20%

6th New layer. #F2FF3B Saturation 23%

7th New layer. #EFEFEF Multiply 100%

8th Duplicate your base and put it on top. Set it to Color Burn/Burn 20%

And you're done. I put a scratchy texture on mine but that's it. I'd really really love to see your results. (:

Other icons

Tags: ! maker: sheiscarioca, ! type: icon, tv: heroes
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