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tutorial 03 - 100% translatable

1st Duplicate your base twice and set both to Screen, 100%. 1st example

2nd Duplicate your base one more time and set it to Screen 68%

3rd New layer. #34730D Soft Light 30%

4th New layer. #75C0C9 Color Burn 100%

5th New layer. #D9C6A3 Multiply 46%

6th New layer. #FFCCE2 Soft Light 100%

7th Paste this (2nd example) gradient texture and set to Color Burn 80% Rotate this texture 'til you find a good place. Feeling too dark? Screen your base a little more may help.

8th New layer. #CCA1C3 Luminosity 38%

That's it. I put a small text on mine and tadã. (:

Other examples

Tags: ! maker: sheiscarioca, ! type: tutorial, movie: harry potter
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