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05 October 2011 @ 04:18 am
After so many years i'm here to declare the end of revolutionkid I decided to start making icons again, but i realized i couldn't stay here. The community started as a dream of two young girls, previously known as wonkiebonky and sheiscarioca, and it was going to be our safety place. The name was taken from a U2 song "Children of the Revolution" and so revolutionkid came to life. We had a lot of fun here and we invited some friends to be part of, we certainly grow up and day by day we get better. However, now all of this seem to be in the past. When i decided to return to livejournal and when i saw the community i think it just strikes me up, i was kinda alone here in a place of so many memories, but i was alone anyway.

I had already changed my username to vaillance and i knew i need to take this courage and decide what i was going to do with this community. So this is it, it'll be a place for memories only. I can't stay here but i can't delete eitheir.

I'll return in a new community called thekhaleesi , so if you want you can join and watch the new community! If you want to see more of sheiscarioca, she changed her username to inamotelroom and she post her graphics @ littlepile. About the other members, you can just go to the profile page of this comm and go to their own livejournals.

Thanks for everybody who stick with us this whole time, we really appreciate this! I'm gonna miss you guys, but i hope we can meet again @ the new comm! For now, i'll leave with a see you soon.